v1.5.4_14 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features:

  • If any gift card number starts with “%” and ends with”?” sign while scanning now our system ignores those signs and scanning successfully that gift cards. While importing gift cards if any gift card starts with “%” and ends with”?” sign now ignoring that starts and end character of gift cards. This card scanning support also implemented in swipe gift card, manually entry gift, gift card add balance field, refund dialog gift card explorer, and gift card transaction report. (OR-2921)
  • Now gift card add balance is a one way process. Once add any balance to any gift card then after voiding that payment transaction gift card add balance won’t be reverted. Also after adding balance in any gift card that gift card items won’t remove that ticket and also that ticket cannot be voided. (OR-2946)
  • Now existing gift cards won’t be imported in Oropos. Existing gift card marked as red in the gift card import dialog. If the user trying to save with an existing gift card an error message will be shown. (OR-2991)
  • In percentage type item discount added a new option name “Apply when item quantity is divisible by min quantity”. By default this option is unmarked. If this option is marked then this discount only applied when the ordered item quantity is “Divisible by minimum quantity “. If the item order quantity isn’t divisible by minimum quantity this discount won’t be applied. If this option is unmarked then that discount will be applied when the item order quantity is greater than the minimum quantity. (OR-2999)
  • Added a new button in customer explorer named “Export to csv”. After clicking this button all the customer information will be downloaded in CSV format. (OR-2930)


  • Clock in record for which clock out is not performed is not counted in the hourly sales report. After clock out labor information will be shown in the report. (OR-1745)
  • Auto log off warning time now starts with 10 sec. (OR-2940)
  • If any ticket has a ticket discount that ticket won’t be split. (OR-2933)
  • After applying item discount only percentage type ticket discount can be applied other type of ticket discount (amount, loyalty, reprice) won’t be applied on the same ticket. But after applying any kind of item discount ticket discount can be applied on the same ticket. (OR-2995)
  • Now setting up network printer by default IP address and port no will be set. If the user trying to save a network printer without a port an error message will be shown.(OR-2941)

Bug fixes:

  • Store name didn’t show properly in Gift card information. (OR-1974)
  • The maximum unit was not working for the order type discount in Oropos. (OR-2389)
  • The minimum amount condition was not working properly in ticket discount. (OR-2773)
  • An unexpected send report button appeared when the select group settles in order view. (OR-2882)
  • Password didn’t work after migrating from Floreant. (OR-2931)
  • An expected send report button appeared while exporting the same gift card. (OR-2932)
  • There was no way to delete/remove an item after adding it to a coupon.(OR-2934)
  • Amount type item discount was not showing properly. (OR-2935)
  • The ticket could not be voided properly in the retail order type. (OR-2939)
  • Null text appeared in the gift card info dialog of deactivated gift cards. (OR-2944)
  • Null pointer exception occurred while paying gift cards manually. (OR-2948)
  • When import CSV without any action the batch number automatically changed. (OR-2953)
  • Any type of discount should not allow when adding a gift card balance. (OR-2954)
  • When using the customer account to add balance the gift card transaction report did not show the ticket id. (OR-2955)
  • An unexpected info message was showing while trying to settle the ticket with a gift card. (OR-2960)
  • The ticket could be settled in the group by gift card when tendered amount larger than the total amount. (OR-2962)
  • Gift card add balance item can be reordered from ticket order info dialog. (OR-2964)
  • The card number search field was not working properly in the gift card transaction report. (OR-2966)
  • Data was not showing in the inventory average cost report. (OR-2968)
  • Gift card add balance item ticket could not be split. (OR-2976)
  • Without expiry date, owner name, activation date gift card could be active. (OR-3000)
  • The unit price showed wrong when a ticket discount was applied. (OR-2985)
  • Overtime hour worked & overtime payment was not showing in the weekly payroll report. (OR-2998)
  • Overtime hour worked & overtime payment is not showing in the weekly payroll report. (OR-3006)
  • The wrong discount amount was showing while applying loyalty and reprice type discount. (OR-3007)