v1.5.4_15 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features:

  • Added dual cash drawer support in single terminal. To set up cash drawer settings, go to Back office-> Admin-> Terminal configuration-> Cash drawer tab. (OR-3028)

There are three option for cash drawer settings. These are:

    • No cash drawer
    • Single cash drawer
    • Dual cash drawer

No cash drawer:

If no cash drawer is selected, then cash drawer cannot be assigned from this terminal (there will be no ‘assign drawer’ button in the clock in/out dialog). However, tickets can be created from this terminal, but payment cannot be taken from this terminal unless the user has active staff bank.

Single cash drawer:

If a single cash drawer is selected, then drawer can be assigned for this terminal to only one user. If the cash drawer is assigned to a user then that user and all other user’s payments will go to that cash drawer except the user has an active staff bank.

Dual cash drawer:

If a dual cash drawer is selected, there will be two cash drawers (primary cash drawer & secondary cash drawer) for this terminal and can be assigned to one user each. If any cash drawer is locked to a user then that user’s payments will go to that cash drawer. All other payments will go to another cash drawer except the user has a staff bank.

  • Added a new ‘void payment report’ that shows voided payments. (OR-3032)




  • Previously, when the cash drawer assigned to any user then ‘This Terminal Status’ button was displayed in the user view. Now it’s name has been changed to ‘Cash Drawer Status’.
  • For multiple cash drawers, now the ‘Primary Drawer Status’ and ‘Secondary Drawer Status’ have been added to User View.
  • Added ‘Stock countable’ checkbox in add/edit unit window. If stock countable is true for a unit, the item will be adjusted using this unit. Otherwise, the item will be adjusted using the base unit. (OR-3054)
  • Employee’s daily work hour is now configurable.

  • The payroll report has made some improvements. Some new columns have been added to the report where the user will see the regular work hours, overtime work hours, cost per hour, overtime rate per hour, regular payments and overtime payments etc. (OR-3053)
  • Added ‘This terminal is KDS’ checkbox in activate oropos dialog. This is useful to activate KDS license when only KDS license is bought via Orocube shop. (OR-3048)


Bug fixes:

  • Wrong order type showing in the customer receipt. (OR-3034)
  • Delivery address field will show suggestion text. (OR-3039)
  • Ticket was being settled without having settlement permission. (OR-3046)
  • Pizza size & crust didn’t show according to sort order. (OR-3052)
  • “Is inventory item” checkbox was not working on a variant item. (OR-3050)
  • Data gone to default shift even when there is no shift. (OR-3059)
  • Not printing the entire Kitchen ticket. (OR-3059)
  • Transaction-type added in Journal reports. (OR-3065)