V1.5.4_18 - ORO POS - Point of Sale



New features:

  • Added support for automatic cash drawer assignment. If cash drawer is not assigned, it will be assigned to current user automatically when making a payment. (OR-3107)
  • If no menu page is designed for a menu group, the system now show all menu items under that group. So it is not mandatory to design menu page anymore. (OR-3106)
  • Added ‘Dispatch view’ button in Extra functionalities dialog. (OR-3097)
  • Added the ‘Dispatch view’ button on login screen.  (OR-3109)



  • Added ‘item text size’ & ‘ticket text size’ field in kitchen display configuration. Item text size determines the text size of ticket items. Ticket text size determines text size of ticket properties (eg. Token#, Table# etc.) (OR-3098)
  • Some changes added on menu item explorer. Highlighted the ‘New item’ button from all tabs in the menu item Explorer. Also ‘In’ & ‘Out’ buttons have been enlarged. (OR-3101 & OR-3102)
  • For non master terminal the session tab will displayed as inactive. (OR-3103)
  • The Explorer menu sequence has been changed. (OR-3104)
  • Added ‘New category’ & ‘New group’ buttons in menu page designer. Now user can easily create category & group from this page. (OR-3105).


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed amount discount was not showing properly in ticket receipt. (OR-2917)
  • Calculation showing wrong when refund a ticket with dejavoo. (OR-3092)
  • Discount calculation showing wrong. (OR-3108)
  • Exception occurred when try to connect existing outlet. (OR-3110)