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OROPOS v1.5.4_20

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• Added a new field ‘Regular work hour (weekly)’ in edit user dialog. By default it sets 40 hours. This is needed for weekly payroll report. (OR-3127)


• Weekly payroll report now shows overtime on weekly basis. If a user’s ‘Weekly regular work hour’ is 40 and the user works 50 hours in a week, then weekly payroll report will show 10 hours as overtime. (OR-3127)

Suppose an employee works 10 hours per day. If his store is open 5 days in a week then he works 50 hours total in a week. Here If the user set regular work hour (weekly) is 40 hours then it will be count as regular worked hours per week. The remaining 10 hours will be considered as his overtime worked hours. If his regular cost per hour rate is 10$ then at the end of the week his total regular payment will be 400 $. Similarly if his overtime cost per hour rate is 5$ then at the end of the week his overtime payment will be 50$.


• Now the bar tab tickets are sorted alphabetically. (OR-3120)