Siiopa - Free Cloud based Point of Sale - ORO POS - Point of Sale

Siiopa - Free Cloud Point of Sale

POS system for Android tablets and phones. 


Easy-to-use Android POS with a lot of advanced features

Runs on Android Tablet and Phone

A free cloud-based mobile Point of Sale system from OROCUBE LL designed for small restaurants and retail stores. It runs low configuration android tablet and cell phone and with its siiopa-offline technology, it runs even when the internet connection is down. It can receive Cash and record card processing data in Ext. mode. For additional terminals and direct card processing stores can upgrade to the PRO plan. 


– Multiple order types.
– Menu system with Modifiers
– Kitchen Instructions.
– Cloud-based administration.
– Transaction history.
– Store and terminal wise reports
– Cloud backup of store database.
– Table service operation.

– Splitting tickets.
– USB and Cloud-based printer support
– Offline mode. Functional when net is down.
– Multiple terminal ticket sync.
– Online Sales Reports.



Download Installation Guide





Cloud POS that runs offline.

We call it Zero-minute installation. Because POS practically takes no time to install. Use only spends time logging in to back office and create their menu. Once menu is downloaded from cloud, Siiopa terminals can run offline with all the features.




User experience matters. We designed it such a way it can utilize the tight real-estate of a tablet screen without losing needed POS functionalities


Compact Cash Drawer report

The store owner can get real-time status of their cash drawer. 



Business Types


Siiopa ships with table service. This fits perfectly in small table service restaurants. It can also turn a cell phone camera as a barcode scanner. Stores can use it with ORO POS barcode label.

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Retails
  • Food Truck